Fears for Queers V Film Festival Selections and Schedule

NTX_GALAFears For Queers V Official Selection

The following films have been selected to play at Fears for Queers V Film Festival presented by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance of North Texas to benefit the GALA Youth Program:

Dorchester’s Revenge – Tommy Faircloth
The Cabin – Tommy Faircloth
The Wrong Profile – Michael Coulombe
Dryer Lint – Jackie Perez
The Wyatt – Mark Bessenger
The Peripheral – JT Seaton
Goodnight My Love – Kellee Terrell
The Tales of Poe – Bart Mastronardi and Alan Rowe Kelly

Congratulations to these filmmakers.

The schedule for the festival is:

Doors open at 1:00 PM

Block I starts at 2 PM:

Dryer Lint
The Wrong Profile
The Cabin
Dorchester’s Revenge

Block II starts at: 4:30 PM:

The Wyatt
Goodnight My Love
The Peripheral
The Tales of Poe

Please join us at the Texas Theatre on June 28th.  The Texas Theatre can be found at 231 W. Jefferson Blvd,  Dallas, Texas in the historic Oak Cliff.

Tickets are on sale now at EventBrite for only $10!

About the beneficiary: GALA Youth is program dedicated to serving and assisting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning (LGBTQ) and allied youth by providing the youth with tools to improve self-esteem and self-acceptance.  100% of ticket sales will be donated directly to the GALA Youth program in support of this mission.

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2015 Film Festival Submissions are now being accepted!

Submissions for Blood Bath VII and Fears for Queers V are open!!

Independently produced horror Short films (60 minutes and under) and feature films (61 minutes and longer) can be submitted.

Fears for Queers V films need to be directed by a GLBT filmmaker or feature a GLBT theme/story.

Dates to be announced in the near future.

Please send your film (on DVD or BLU-RAY only) to:

DOA Blood Bath Film Festival
Attn: Dione Rose/<insert film festival submitting to>
PO Box 643
Farmersville, TX 75442

Please include the following information with your DVD/BLU-RAY:

Title of Film
Director Name
Contact Info
Festival Submitting For
Total Run Time
Primary Language (if not English, subtitled in English)

DOA Blood Bath Entertainment does not charge filmmakers to submit your film for consideration or for acceptance into the festival. You already put enough of your money into the production of your film.

Announcements for Fears for Queers V will be made on May 1st, 2015 and Blood Bath VII on September 1st, 2015.

Our only expectation is that if your film is selected that you work hard to promote the film festival and help us to put butts in the seats at the theatre in exchange for the time we give your film on the screen.

Thank you!

Make sure you join our FB group for all the latest and greatest news!

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Blood Bath V Film Awards

Congratulations to the following 4 films for winning awards at Blood Bath V Film Festival:

winnerlaurels_shortEight by Paul Cerezo

winnerlaurels_featureDegenerates by Carlos Suarez

winnerlaurels_goreBaby-Sitting by Lucas Masson

winnerlaurels_audiencePolterghost by Zack Ogle

The Bloody Award

The Bloody Award

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Official Blood Bath V Selections Announced

DOA Blood Bath Entertainment is pleased to announced the following films have been selected for Blood Bath V Film Festival (October 19/20 2013):

Polterghost directed by Zack Ogle
Late Submission directed by Nathan Ludwig / Chad Farmer
Eight directed by Paul Cerezo
The Black Room directed by Joe Manco
Apartment 15 directed by Angelo Santovito / Mattia Puleo
Final Five directed by Radek Michalik
Enchiridion directed by Mark Beal
Degenerates directed by Carlos Suarez
Ax directed by Michael Coulombe
The Box directed by Sascha Zimmerman
Baggage directed by Jeremiah Kipp
Baby-Sitting directed by Lucas Masson
No Clowning Around directed by Rob Dimension / Matt Burd
Wyke Wreake directed by Martin Rutley
Velvet Vengeance directed by Jeremy Campbell


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FFQ3 laurel-leaves

For Immediate Release

DOA Blood Bath Entertainment is pleased to announce the following films as official selections for Fears for Queers III GLBT Film Festival to benefit GALA Youth on June 2nd, 2013 at the Texas Theatre in Dallas, Texas:


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Calls for Submissions for 2013 Film Festivals

Calls for Submissions for 2013 Film Festivals

FEARS FOR QUEERS III – Short and feature horror films directed by GLBT filmmakers OR of GLBT story/subject. This film festival will be held on June 2nd 2013 at The Texas Theater and will benefit  Youth First Texas Collin County – resource center for GLBTQ youth in North Texas.

BLOOD BATH V – Short and feature horror films. Independent films without distribution or available online are preferred. DISTRIBUTORS NEED NOT SUBMIT ANY FILMS PLEASE. This film festival will be held on the  of 19th and 20th of October, 2013 at The Texas Theater.

Submission is very easy:

Please submit your film on a REGION 1, NTSC, DVD or BLU-RAY DISC to Blood Bath Entertainment. Please clearly mark the DVD with the following:

1. DVD Title
2. Total Run Time for Film
3. Director’s Name
4. Contact Name/Phone # and Email
5. Festival Submitted for: BBV or FFQ

and send to:
DOA Blood Bath Entertainment
PO Box 643
Farmersville, TX 75442

Note: Submissions that do not meet the requirements and labeling detailed above will not be eligible for review for selection.

The deadline for submission for Fears For Queers III is May 1st and for Blood Bath V is September 1st.

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Blood Bath IV Film Festival Award Winners

Blood Bath IV Trophies

Blood Bath IV Film Festival Award Winners

Congratulations to the following for their awards!

 Best Performance in a Short Film:  Nick Frangione as Hal in EDWARD by Joseph Graham

Best Short Film:  EDWARD by Joseph Graham

Best Performance in a Feature Film:  Christopher J. Duncan as Grimmel in THE JESTER by John Johnson

The David A. Hess Memorial Best Feature Film:  Justin Powers’ POT ZOMBIES 2: MORE POT, LESS PLOT

The Lou Perryman Memorial Audience Award:  Justin Powers’ POT ZOMBIES 2: MORE POT, LESS PLOT

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Schedule for Blood Bath IV

Tickets are available at The Texas Theater for $10 per day

Saturday 10/13
13:00 Zydeco
13:55 The Hike
14:15 Little Death
14:34 Candy
14:40 BREAK
14:50 Devil Moon
15:20 God Like Feeling
15:30 The Jester
17:05 BREAK
17:15 Pot Zombies 2: Intro
17:30 Pot Zombies 2: More Pot Less Plot

Sunday 10/14
13:00 Edward
13:25 Something Just
13:40 Love Bug
13:55 Hells Belles
14:10 Mr Bubbles
14:15 The Neighborly Thing
14:26 BREAK
14:40 Dead Story
14:55 Justus
15:15 Last Day Harold Fishman
15:25 Velvet Vengeance
15:55 BREAK
16:10 The Judge
16:30 The Turnpike Killer

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Blood Bath IV: Official Selection Announcement

DOA Blood Bath Entertainment is happy to announce the following films are Official Selections for Blood Bath IV to be held on 10/13 and 10/14 at the historic Texas Theatre in Dallas, TX.

Title Director
Candy Mark Bessenger
Dead Story Fran Mateu
Devil Moon Evan Makrogiannis
Edward Joseph Graham
God Like Feeling Jessica Ribeiro
Hells Belles Christian Ackerman
Justus Lori Bowen
Last Day Harold Fishman Remi Frechette / Andreanne C Beaudry
Little Death Erlingur Thoroddsen
Love Bug Ben Kent
Mr Bubbles Angela Pritchett
Pot Zombies 2 Justin Powers
Something Just Scott W Perry
The Hike Walker Michael Bost
The Jester John Johnson
The Judge Niko Red Star
The Neighborly Thing Samantha Light
Turnpike Killer Brian Weaver & Evan Makrogiannis
Velvet Vengeance Jeremy Campbell
Zydeco David Noble

The schedule will be posted here in the coming days!

Thank you to all of the filmmakers who submitted films for consideration! The selection process was harder this year than ever.

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Official Selections – Unnameable Blood Bath Film Festival 2


The following  were official selections at The Unnameable Blood Bath Film Festival 2:

Annotated directed by Joe Lopez

Antes Que Seja Tarde directed by Joe Lopez

The Graveyard Rats directed by John C. Alsedek, Jr.

The Call of Cthulhu directed by Andrew Leman

The Whisperer in Darkness directed by Sean Branney





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