Submitting your film

So, you have a film you would like to submit to DOA Blood Bath Entertainment for consideration for one of our film festivals and you are wondering what you should send along with the film, right?  What are the rules?  And so forth?  Because all film festivals have a lot of rules and paperwork and fees to submit but you’ve looked and looked here and can’t seem to find the small print.  That’s because there isn’t any!

1.  Submit your film per the deadline stated in the “call for submissions” post here.

2.  There are no fees associated with submitting to any event hosted by DOA Blood Bath Entertainment.  Nor is there any need for fancy press kits, posters, and such.  Sure, I like SWAG as much as the next guy, but that stuff costs YOU the filmmaker money.  And that’s money better spent making films or even paying your rent or, if you are like most starving indie filmmakers, even just eating is nice.  Besides, honestly?  A pretty press kit and lots of SWAG will not be a factor into your film’s selection, or non-selection, into any Blood Bath festival.

3.  All films must be on DVD or Blu-Ray and playable in a standard North American Region 1 type player.  If selected, your film must not be branded as a screener in any way.

4.  By submitting your film to us you agree that we can screen it at the event that you submitted it to.

5.  DVD’s will not be returned whether selected or not.

And that’s it.  That’s as complicated as it gets here at DOA Blood Bath Entertainment.


About doabloodbath

Dione and Andrew Rose are film festival impresarios who seek to provide fans of horror opportunities to view independent horror films through film festivals and special screenings throughout the year.
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