You can win one of 20 free t-shirts!


Here at DOA Blood Bath Entertainment we believe in promoting the heck out of our friends and those who support us and our festivals.

Joe Garcia, Fast Custom Shirts, is one of those friends who supports us in many, many ways.  He does all of our graphics design for our event t-shirts, prints those shirts, handles all online orders and shipping for those shirts, and brings a fat stock of them to each event to sell.  And then he goes one step further and hits the internet forums and blogs and other fests and cons to promote our events.

Therefore, I’m going to help him grow his Facebook marketing presence.  Click on the image above and you’ll be taken to his Facebook Business page.   You must be a Facebook user, so if you are and you don’t currently “Like” Fast Custom Shirts, click on the “Like” button.   Once Fast Custom Shirts has 1,000 people who like the Facebook page, I will ask Joe to randomly draw 20 of those people to receive a free t-shirt of choice from his vast catalog found at  And DOA Blood Bath Entertainment will pay for those shirts and the shipping to those 20 lucky people.

So, get on over there now and Like Fast Custom Shirts to enter this give-away!  It doesn’t cost you anything at all and in the end you might win a free shirt, but at the very least you’ll keep up with Joe Garcia’s latest designs, specials, and such as he posts them on his Facebook business page.  And if you don’t mind, help me by sharing this on your Facebook and/or Twitter too.


About doabloodbath

Dione and Andrew Rose are film festival impresarios who seek to provide fans of horror opportunities to view independent horror films through film festivals and special screenings throughout the year.
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