Blood Bath 3 – The Schedule!

Title Director Start
Saturday 11/5/2011
Opening Remarks Master of Ceremony 12:55
Psycho Killer Bloodbath Carlo Rodrigues 13:00
Splatterfest Presents: Castle of the Damned Kerry Beyer 14:35
Splatterfest Presents: Spill Your Guts Jess Orz 14:40
Splatterfest Presents: The Cruel Messenger Mark Baird 14:46
Splatterfest Presents: Big Fat Mother Trucker Steven Katz 14:53
Splatterfest Presents: Persistence of Vision Wayne Slaten 15:04
Splatterfest Presents: The Code Mark Blitch 15:12
Doll Boy Bloody Bill 15:18
BREAK 15:45
Annotated Joe Lopez 16:00
X Marks The Spot Travis Legge 16:09
Propery Lines Shawn Ewert 16:17
Divination J.T. Season 16:24
The Devil’s Toy Alex Lugones 16:35
The Tell Tale Heart Bart Mastronardi 16:43
Red Maude Michaud 17:14
Hazeland’s Backstabber Justin Powers & Abel Berry 17:30
#12 Jorje Krippe 27:35
Closing Remarks Master of Ceremony 19:00
After Party at the Texas Theatre Bar All 19:10
Sunday 11/6/2011
Opening Remarks Master of Ceremony 12:45
David F. Friedman Moment Andrew Rose & James Young 12:50
The Death Rattle Jaime Moreno 13:00
Splatterfest Presents: Graveyard Shift Wes Sutton 14:10
Splatterfest Presents: Princess Chuck Norfolk 14:18
Splatterfest Presents: ‘Til The Day I Die 14:25
Splatterfest Presents: Hitch Hiker’s Lucky Day Mike Holt 14:33
 Splatterfest Presents: Inbalanced Michael Darling 14:39
Ladyfingers Cliff Holverson 14:47
My Undeadly Dave Redy 15:01
The Hunt Wade K Savage 15:05
Bianca Tom Steeber 15:12
Alistair Aaron Cartwright 15:32
BREAK 15:43
Skew Sevé Schelenz 16:00
The Razorblade Dolls’ They Kill Abel Berry 17:30
Awards and Closing Remarks Andrew Rose & Judges 17:35

About doabloodbath

Dione and Andrew Rose are film festival impresarios who seek to provide fans of horror opportunities to view independent horror films through film festivals and special screenings throughout the year.
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