Schedule for Blood Bath IV

Tickets are available at The Texas Theater for $10 per day

Saturday 10/13
13:00 Zydeco
13:55 The Hike
14:15 Little Death
14:34 Candy
14:40 BREAK
14:50 Devil Moon
15:20 God Like Feeling
15:30 The Jester
17:05 BREAK
17:15 Pot Zombies 2: Intro
17:30 Pot Zombies 2: More Pot Less Plot

Sunday 10/14
13:00 Edward
13:25 Something Just
13:40 Love Bug
13:55 Hells Belles
14:10 Mr Bubbles
14:15 The Neighborly Thing
14:26 BREAK
14:40 Dead Story
14:55 Justus
15:15 Last Day Harold Fishman
15:25 Velvet Vengeance
15:55 BREAK
16:10 The Judge
16:30 The Turnpike Killer


About doabloodbath

Dione and Andrew Rose are film festival impresarios who seek to provide fans of horror opportunities to view independent horror films through film festivals and special screenings throughout the year.
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