Fears for Queers VI LGBT Film Festival

Fears for Queers VI celebrates National Pride Month by showcasing independent LGBT horror cinema while giving 100% of the profits from the festival to North Texas Gay & Lesbian Alliance Youth program.  Tickets on sale now at:

Official Selections

God Wrest His Soul – JT Seaton

A desperate photographer uses his art to capture unsuspecting souls in exchange for the return of his own.

Then and Again – JT Seaton

He came from the past altering the present so the future is history…or something like that.

Salem Occultist – Roman Alexander

“Salem Occultist” tells the story of a psychic vampire who lives in Salem Mass and receives a visit from a Werewolf needing his help.

Goliath – Carlos Suarez

Everyone has demons.

Slay Belles – Joe Trione

A Christmas party goes awry when a masked killer crashes the holiday festivities and starts slaughtering the guests.

“Slay Belles” is the third in a planned series of films centering on drag queens created by director Joe Trione. With writer James Wirth in tow, Slay Belles is sure to make you laugh out loud one minute and then cover yours eyes in shock the next.

The Sins of Dracula – Richard Marr Griffin

When Billy, a young man of faith, joins the local theater group, he finds more than teenagers involved in all manner of vice, but also a secret cult of Devil worshipers who are hell-bent on resurrecting Dracula, the King of Vampires, from his grave. Will Billy survive, or will he suffer the sins of Dracula’

Sunday, June 26, 2016 from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM (CDT) Add to Calendar
Texas Theatre – 231 West Jefferson Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75208 – View Map

About doabloodbath

Dione and Andrew Rose are film festival impresarios who seek to provide fans of horror opportunities to view independent horror films through film festivals and special screenings throughout the year.
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